Maciej Prokopowicz

Playing with Trombone Unit has always been a dream of mine.

I remember when I first listened "Living on the Edge" in 2017 - it was a huge inspiration for me! I could never imagine how it would sound in a live performance - until 2020. It was the IPV competition in Saarbrücken, where Trombone Unit played their concert with pieces from the "Living on the Edge" CD - it was great to hear the pieces from the album, which had a huge impact on me. After half a year Angelos called me if I wanted to play a concert with them, I was totally happy to do it. That's how it started and now I've been playing with Trombone Unit already more than 2 years!

The first time we played together was at a rehearsal near Hannover. Before that I was "a bit" stressed, to be honest, but once I was there, everything went great! The first thing that got my attention was the atmosphere - Trombone Unit is like a family!
Maciej Prokopowicz is a student at HMTM Hannover in the trombone class of Prof. Jonas Bylund. Since 2021 he has also been studying jazz composition and arranging at Music Academy Katowice.
His trombone adventure began at the age of 3, when his first teacher (also his godfather in private life) made a special trombone for him that was perfect for such a young boy. Since then, Maciej participated in numerous concerts, competitions - he won over 20 competitions in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic - and events in Poland and abroad. He also improved his skills with fantastic and well-known musicians and professors from all over the world: Maciej Pietraszko (Poland/USA), Maciej Fortuna (Poland), Ben van Dijk (Netherlands), Peter Malton (Sweden), Jose Sibaja (Costa Rica/USA), Zoltan Kiss (Hungary).
Maciej received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage called "Young Poland". In 2018, at the invitation of Polish Television, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Institute of Music and Dance, he participated in the "Young Musician of the Year" competition. This competition was broadcast live on national television.
Maciej is both a classical and jazz musician and tries to draw inspiration from all genres of music. He is a founding member of the jazz electronic band "Rejoin".